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Family Health Programs & Clinics

Participation in our family health programs requires a referral from your family doctor or nurse practitioner.
Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner if our family health programs may be right for you.

See below for more details on our Family Health Programs

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Anticoagulant Clinic
The Anticoagulant Clinic provides patient education and point of care INR testing for patients taking warfarin. The clinic is held two mornings each week. Eligible patients include those newly initiated on warfarin, requiring bridging, with labile INRs or difficult phlebotomy.  Patients have their INR tested and receive dose adjustments during their appointment. Screening for drug interactions and adverse effects of warfarin is performed at each visit.

FHT staff: Beth Syvret RPh PharmD CGP

Craving Change™
Craving Change is a group program that focuses on why we eat the way we do. Patients learn self-awareness skills and strategies that promote cognitive and behavioural change with regard to problematic eating. It also provides the opportunity for interactive discussion and sharing of experiences with others in the group.
This four- week workshop is designed for individuals who struggle to maintain healthy eating habits, suffer from emotional eating, are frustrated with the usual weight loss/diet programs and/or want to feel more in control of their eating.

FHT Staff: Atheana Brown, Registered Dietitian; Lisa Ann Janveaux, Clinical Social Worker.

Foot Care - Healthy Feet and You
For “most at risk” patients (e.g. diabetes, severe vascular deficiency) and/or those who cannot care for their feet or afford chiropody.  Circulation, skin and nail conditions will be monitored.  Patients will also be educated on self-care, hygiene and appropriate footwear.

FHT Staff: Wendy Lenters, RN, Foot Care Specialist

Get W.I.T.H. It Walking Group (CKLFHT and Community Care CKL)
Offers patients of all ages a chance to walk in a warm, safe environment during the winter months. It is run at L.C.V.I. one hour each week from November to the end of April and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Pedometers are used to track their progress and step logs are used so patients can visualize their progress each week. This program is free and offered to all members of the community.
* This is a heart wise designated program.

FHT Staff: Debbie McLeod, RN, BScN

Healthy You - Download flyer
heartwise_color_60px.jpgThe Healthy You program is a lifestyle modification program tailored for patients ready to make behavioural changes within their diet, activity level and body image.
The program consists of five classes once a week for two hours. The first part of each class focuses on activity and exercise led by a registered nurse. The second part of the class teaches an aspect of nutrition and is led by the dietitian.  We also will be going on an optional 15-20 minute walk as part of each session. Pedometers are used to track individual progress. Additional individual follow up sessions are offered with the dietitian after completion of the program.
* This is a heart-wise designated program.

FHT Staff: Atheana Brown, Registered Dietitian; Debbie McLeod, RN

Healthy Lung – Asthma/COPD Education - Download flyer
Individual referral visits help patients learn to manage their asthma or COPD. Patients are provided information and education on their condition, medication delivery devices, symptoms and triggers. Spirometry can be conducted. Individual action plans are developed to encourage self-management and improve quality of life. CKL FHT in collaboration with RMH /CCAC/CCHC provide eight week sessions once a week for one hour following the Huff and Puff class at the Recreation Centre. These education sessions are free, and are open to all members of the community living with COPD.

FHT Staff: Cindy Billiaert, Respiratory Therapist

Let's Get Walking – Walking Group - Download flyer
heartwise_color_60px.jpgOffers patients of all ages and different fitness levels medically-supervised, outdoor and Mall walking in the community. It is offered for one hour twice a week in Lindsay during the spring, summer and fall months. Pedometers are used to track individual progress and to motivate participants to increase their step count throughout the program. * This is a heart wise designated program.

FHT Staff: Debbie McLeod, RN, BScN; Tanya Nye, Occupational Therapist

Memory Clinic - Download flyer
Standardized tests, assessment and treatment plans for patients experiencing cognitive impairment, memory loss, and/or early onset dementia, as well as their caregivers. Treatments, medications and community resources may be advised, in consultation with their primary care provider, including a possible recommendation that the patient retire from driving. Additional support is provided on site by the Alzheimer’s Society.

FHT Staff: Debbie McLeod, RN; Tanya Nye, Occupational Therapist; Lorraine Gregson, Clinical Social Worker; Gaye Trider, RPN; Beth Syvret PharmD.
Physicians: Dr. Anderson, Dr. Ready.

Mindfulness Meditation Group - Download flyer
This is an eight-week program that teaches patients to connect with their inner strength, wisdom and healing nature. Has proven effective in the treatment of stress-related ailments, anxiety, hypertension and chronic pain. Follow up sessions are held once a month to allow patients to reconnect and practice techniques learned in the program.

FHT Staff: Lorraine Gregson, Clinical Social Worker; Lisa Glover-Carmichael, Clinical Social Worker.

Pain Self-Management Group - Download flyer
Five, two-hour education sessions for patients that address the common difficulties of chronic pain, offering solutions and providing a venue for sharing experiences which enhances patients’ capacity to manage their health. Sessions employ only non-pharmaceutical, self-management approaches to care using psycho-education and occupational/lifestyle techniques to complement existing treatment.

FHT Staff: Dr. Greg Sweitzer, Clinical Psychologist; Tanya Nye, Occupational Therapist

Seniors Safety/Falls Prevention Session(s) - Download flyer
Individual patient interviews and full functional ability assessments are conducted. Interventions may include education, recommendations on assistive devices/mobility aids, and suggestions on environment adaptation. Home safety assessments are available.

FHT Staff: Tanya Nye, Occupational Therapist

Smoking Cessation - Download flyer
Implementing the Ministry of Health’s STOP Program, this program helps patients understand the underlying reasons for the patient’s smoking, develop a Quit Plan and select a “quit date”. Ongoing clinical support and motivational coaching are provided. Free nicotine replacement products are available.

FHT Staff: Roxanne Davies, RN; Cindy Billiaert, Respiratory Therapist; Lesley Broadworth, RN; Ashleigh Knight RN; Kylie Pankhurst, RN

Stressbusters! Anxiety Education Group - Download flyer
Three, two-hour, discussion-based classes teaching patients about the causes and effects of anxiety and offering practical strategies for dealing with anxiety. Not group therapy. Especially suited for patients experiencing unhealthy levels of stress in daily life and/or the workplace.

FHT Staff: Dr. Greg Sweitzer, Clinical Psychologist

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