Programs and Services

Family Health Programs & Services

(Some Currently on Hold)

Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner if our family health programs may be right for you.

Participation in our family health programs requires a referral from your family doctor or nurse practitioner.

Clinical Quality Improvement Committee is currently receiving all of the City of Kawartha Lakes Programs & Services. Please Stay Tuned.



Mindful Self Compassion

Mindful Self Compassion is an 8 session group mental health therapy program led by a FHT Social Worker and a CMHA Social Worker or Case Manager. It focuses on developing skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to increase happiness, reduce anxiety and depression.

FHT Staff: Lee-Ann Eastman MSW,RSW

Heart Failure Care Service

Optimizing Care for Clients Living with Heart Failure


• Reduce avoidable and 30 day readmission rates

• Reduce overall mortality from heart failure in the year following a diagnosis

• Improve quality of care provided to heart failure patients/caregivers

• Provide education and development of heart failure expertise in primary care

• Improve the rate and optimization of disease modifying treatments for heart failure

FHT Staff: Carole Follet, RN

FHT Staff: Beth Syvret, Pharmacist

FHT Staff: Clare Millington, Pharmacist


Memory Clinic

The memory clinic provides “one stop” patient care from a team of health professionals trained to assess memory and cognitive impairment as well as factors that impact memory. The clinic provides standardized testing, assessments and treatment plans for patients experiencing cognitive impairment, memory loss, and/or early onset dementia, as well as their caregivers. Treatments, medications and community resources may be advised, in consultation with patients’ primary care provider, including a possible recommendation that the patient retire from driving. Additional support is provided on site by the Alzheimer’s Society of Peterborough and Kawartha Lakes.

FHT Staff:  Tanya Nye, Occupational Therapist; Lee-Ann Eastman, Clinical Social Worker; Beth Syvret, Pharmacist, Clare Millington, Pharmacist

Physicians: Dr. N. Ecob, Kelsie Jeffery NP

Get W.I.T.H. It Walking Group

(CKLFHT and Community Care CKL)

Get W.I.T.H. It offers patients of all ages a chance to walk in a warm, safe environment during the winter months. The program is offered at L.C.V.I. for one hour twice a week from November to the end of April and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Pedometers are used to track their progress and step logs are kept so patients can see and track their progress each week.

FHT Staff: Debbie McLeod, RN.


Exercise is Medicine

This is a community wide program to motivate sedentary adults (18+) living in the City of Kawartha Lakes to increase their physical activity.
If your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner is located in the
City of Kawartha Lakes, you are eligible to receive an Exercise
is Medicine Prescription from him/her and to fill that
prescription at the CKL Recreation Centre in Lindsay or the Forbert Community Centre in Bobcaygeon.
You will receive a 1- month free gym membership, along with
2- free personal training sessions with a qualified fitness
instructor that will tailor a program to fit your specific
The goal of this program is to encourage local residents to get
active by linking them with local resources in the community.
Ask your Health Care Provider today about the Exercise is
Medicine Prescription Program.



Smoking Cessation

Implementing the Ministry of Health’s STOP Program, this program helps patients understand the underlying reasons for smoking, develop a “quit plan” and select a “quit date”. Ongoing clinical support and motivational coaching are provided. Free nicotine replacement products are available. Our family health team has obtained one of the highest quit-smoking rates in Ontario.

FHT Staff: Cindy Billiaert, Respiratory Therapist; Lesley Broadworth, RN; Ashleigh Knight RN; Kylie Pankhurst, RN

Healthy Lung- Asthma/ COPD Education

Individual referral visits help patients learn to manage their asthma or COPD. Patients are provided information and education on their condition, medication delivery devices, symptoms and triggers. Spirometry can also be conducted. Individual action plans are developed to encourage self-management and improve quality of life. In collaboration with the Ross Memorial Hospital and the Community Health Centre, the program provides seven education sessions, once a week for one hour. These education sessions are free and open to all members of the community living with COPD.

FHT Staff: Cindy Billiaert, Respiratory Therapist


Let’s Get Walking!

This program offers patients of all ages and different fitness levels medically-supervised walking in the shopping mall in Lindsay. Let’s Get Walking is offered one hour a week, all year round. Pedometers are used to track individual progress and motivate participants to increase their step count throughout the year.

FHT Staff: Debbie McLeod, RN, BScN; Tanya Nye, Occupational Therapist

Anticoagulant Clinic

The Anticoagulant Clinic provides patient education and point-of-care INR testing for patients taking warfarin. The clinic is held three mornings each week. Eligible patients include those newly initiated on warfarin, requiring bridging, with labile INRs or difficult phlebotomy.  Patients have their INR tested on site and receive dose adjustments during their appointment. Screening for drug interactions and any adverse effects of warfarin are performed at each visit.

FHT Staff: Beth Syvret, Pharmacist


Foot Care – Healthy Feet and You

For “most at risk” patients (e.g. diabetes) and those who cannot care for their feet or afford chiropody.  Circulation, skin and nail conditions will be monitored.  Patients will also be educated on self-care, hygiene and appropriate footwear.

FHT Staff: Tamara Schneider, RPN, Foot Care Specialist

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